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Installing the Latest Ubuntu (14.04.3) onto Windows 10 with VMWare
Here I download and install Ubuntu 14.04.3 onto a Windows machine. It's important to use virtual machines to organize your development environments.
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sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get ugprade
This is a very important step when you first install Linux of any flavor. I also talk about: ps aux | grep (something) apt-get install (something) -y kill -9 (some PID)
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Changing Resolution in the Latest Ubuntu (14.04.3) in Windows 10 VMWare Virtual Machine
1. Click the gear 2. Hit System Settings 3. Search 'resolution' 4. Click displays 5. Change resolution 6. Hit 'Apply'
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SDLC example
A short film explaining how I went about proposing a change to existing API in order to resolve a problem, and showcases my ability to not only develop and implement solutions but also conceptualize and deliver suggestions to improve the entire project, not just my immediate problem.
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Simple iPad survey application
This was a contract I'd been awarded and managed to complete in a fraction of the allotted time. It's a very simple application that's being used as a survey kiosk at an Audi dealership. The survey's results are kept in a local file and can be referenced later. It's one of my first shots at iOS development and I rather like it!
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iTunes App2 Version 2
2nd of a series. Completed August 12th.
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PlayBook Demo in Flash
This is a PlayBook demo application I wrote in a short period of time (about a month) with given data already in place. It was the first time I'd programmed for the PlayBook platform and was a fairly successful first try. Unfortunately I have yet to be paid for the 88 hours of work.
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Simple iOS Database
Just how I learned how to use the iPhone and iPad's integrated database functionality. I later re-wrote this app to work entirely from a MySQL database located on the web, but the UI was the same so I never bothered re-recording it.
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Civ 5 heavily modded - Argentina Terra King w/Friend!
My first Twitch stream! -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/jrsfiend
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Kijiji1 Version 2
This is the first of a three-part video presentation, again showing the development process, for a smaller iPhone application which is actually in the App Store for iPhones under 'Total Business Calculator.' There are two versions of the development, and then a screen capture on my own iPhone.
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Kijiji1 Version 3
Here's the second part of an iPhone application that's in the App Store under 'Total Business Calculator.'
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iTunes App2 Version 1
Most recent iPhone app. Three versions being uploaded now, showing the progression of the app. This is version 1, which was completed August 11th.
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Choices Version 4 (aka. iTunes App2)
Here's the final status of this application before getting prettied up and then shipped off to Apple for their OK to have it in the iTunes app store. The 'Kijiji1' app I have listed is the first app I managed to get into the app store, and I'm very excited to see how far 'Choices' goes. It doesn't have a name yet.... I just like 'Choices!'
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kijiji1 version 3 (not in production) example recorded on iPhone
Here's the third in a series about an iPhone app I developed. It shows the app as it is run on my own test device. This is not, however, the current version of the app in production in the appstore.
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iTunes App2 Version 3
3rd and most recent of a series. Completed August 13th. Next step will be implementing the rest of the math, which is a cinch, and then possibly the email function - that's up for discussion, as the requirements don't necessitate it and we like to keep costs low.
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