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09 - Introduction to OSD in Microsoft SCCM (WIMs, Boot Images, PXE, Drivers)

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In this video guide, we will be covering how you can deploy operating systems in Microsoft SCCM. This will cover all the fundamentals that are required for basic imaging in SCCM. Topics covered will include Boot Images (WinPE), Operating System Images (WIMs), Drivers, Driver Packages, PXE, and More! For more information and external resources see the accompanying blog post here https://setupconfigmgr.com/introduction-to-osd-in-microsoft-sccm-wims-boot-images-pxe-drivers

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Amnon Feiner (10 days ago)
Hey man, your videos are scattered all over, anyway to put them all under one subscription?
Amnon Feiner (10 days ago)
Perfect, thanks.
Patch My PC (10 days ago)
They are all available under this account. We even have a playlist for all the guides here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlbnpTGUMlnXND6or4NNTcr7qoURGIgDj. They are also available on my blog here https://setupconfigmgr.com/ in addition to resources I include in each post. Does this work?
Sunil Mangam (28 days ago)
Great work! Justin..
Patch My PC (28 days ago)
Thanks for watching, I appreciate it!
Ramon Rodgers (30 days ago)
Probably should add the DHCP options too. Very helpful though!
Patch My PC (30 days ago)
IP Helpers would probably be a better option. DHCP helpers aren't actually a supported option from MSFT's perspective for PXE booting.
Eric Hill (1 month ago)
Thanks Justin! This video is very helpful.
Patch My PC (1 month ago)
Eric Hill thanks for watching!
Anthony Crotty (2 months ago)
Thanks again Justin, another great video
Patch My PC (2 months ago)
Anthony Crotty thanks!
David Stein (2 months ago)
Very nicely done! Thank you!
Patch My PC (2 months ago)
David Stein, Dave!
Edward Crabtree (2 months ago)
Thank you for providing this useful content for free to help people like me who are still dumb when it comes to SCCM. Subscribed!
Patch My PC (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching!
Diego Sanches (2 months ago)
Great work! For the next video I would recommend talk more about refreshing an existing OS and automation for OSD deployments.
Patch My PC (1 month ago)
Just posted a video about this topic https://setupconfigmgr.com/windows-10-servicing-and-in-place-upgrades-in-microsoft-sccm
Dinesh Pandey (2 months ago)
Gud one Justin
Patch My PC (1 month ago)
Thanks! - Justin
Mohammadrafik Shaikh (2 months ago)
Once Again very helpfull video justin...Great Work..... Make video to format only C drive of existing devices.
Patch My PC (1 month ago)
This one may be helpful for upgrading existing devices https://setupconfigmgr.com/windows-10-servicing-and-in-place-upgrades-in-microsoft-sccm
Imran Awan (2 months ago)
Very educational. Great videos. Enjoying all your SCCM videos. Bring on Patch My PC
Patch My PC (2 months ago)
Imran Awan thanks!
ISSI Angelus (2 months ago)
Very detail informations. Thanks justin.😍😍
Patch My PC (2 months ago)
ISSI Angelus thanks for watching!
karam veer singh (2 months ago)
Thanks Justin once again great work.
karam veer singh (2 months ago)
Patch My PC thanks
Patch My PC (2 months ago)
Here is it https://setupconfigmgr.com/introduction-to-osd-in-microsoft-sccm-wims-boot-images-pxe-drivers
Patch My PC (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching! The blog post will be up by the morning with some additional resources.

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